1. An Introduction: You can do it!

It is possible to buy a house, even if you don’t have perfect credit or a huge salary. Don’t listen to the others who have told you that you’ll never be able to buy. There are many options available to you. Not all of them will be for you, but one of them may be just right for you now. Maybe one will be right for you later. But don’t give up. Keep a positive attitude and keep trying.

I’ve written this book to give you hope and get your creative ideas flowing.If you can’t get a conventional loan, you will need to get creative. And I have some creative ideas for you to consider.

There are also many different nonprofit and community organizations that you can go to for help. This is a great time to get into a home of your own. It has never been easier. Mary and Jake were told by a real estate agent and mortgage broker that it would take them 5 years or more to clear up their bad credit report enough to be able to buy a house. But, by using one of the methods in this book, they were able to buy a house within 3 months of talking to the real estate agent.

And what is amazing is that once you have a house, your credit gets better! You are making regular payments and you now have equity in a house instead of rent. Next time you buy, if you decide to sell your home, it will be even easier.

It is possible for anyone to do. Some of these ideas are secrets that investors have been using to get rich for years. But why should the rich and the investors know all the secrets. I wanted to make some of these creative ideas available to anyone who wants and needs to get out of the rent trap and into a home of their own.

I've watched countless others get into houses when they had bad credit. And I know how it works from personal experience because my husband and I have been where you are. We never thought we’d be able to get our own home, but we did it! And you can too! So, let’s get started.

Important Information for Real Estate Investors:

Important Information for Real Estate Investors:
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